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I Miss You…

My girl writes them well

Rose Gone Rogue

‎I sorely want you touch me the way you used to
Explore my entirety and find your way inside me
I want to return to the days you awed me
The days when I wasn’t another ‎roaming body
When you stretched out to caress my back
When I would arch back to welcome your kiss
When I would perspire and turn red
Be heady yet comfy
‎Feel good… oh so good
I miss you…. Summer Sun… I miss you

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what do i say?

This is startling. I’ve had this blog for years on end and I have yet to publish material on it? Yet I’ve been writing on the side. Cheating? I guess I’m old school. I still write on a pad. Scribble and jot. There seem to be an ineffable, tangible and undeniable connection between thoughts, hand-eye coordination and hand-to-pen-and-paper.

I mean typing on a qwerty and keyboard is convenient, time efficient and all but you seem to lose “the soul of writing”. Is it even writing what I’m doing now? Typing on the phone and posting on a blog? What is it all for? What’s the end-goal?

Yeah, the advent of cellular phones and subsequent social sites with their status updates is revolutionary! Everyone is a writer! I enjoy it. Intellectual debates on any topical issue are more accessible. That’s one thing I miss when I’m off-social-sites. Debates.

However, most of my compatriots are still to mature in this field, excuse the condescending stance. We are still to separate arguments from debates, learn to be more rational and less emotional/sensitive/personal in debates, debate to grow and lear, understand know other than to be right! I miss the debates nonetheless.

Yet, SA debates can be so virulent and emotionally toxic that you regret ever partaking in them. Especially the RACE debate. I won’t go into detail about the right side and wrong side. Racism is the devils work. Then there’s the political debates. Fascinating stuff. Though those touch the contours of race debates too, but if its just political parties debating their policies then the debate can be so excitingly lively.

THE MEDIA! Self appointed custodians of truth! Those whose view shouldn’t be countered lest its an attack on media freedom. The media actually has the intellectual hegemony of this country, they are responsible for the intellectual bankruptcy we find ourselves in. The media chooses a vitriolic affair with the state. Our media is white owned, so the views must appease the whites. Even where the most senior journalists/editors are black they eventually have to tow THE BOTTOM LINE!

Of course then there’s the religious debates. I really find them amusing and intriguing. those are the debates that fill me with hope for our country, ironically. Needless to say, its pointless to debate God. Isn’t faith as strong as love?

One other debate that gets my blood flowing is the man vs woman one! I always set the cat amongst the pigeons with this one, will always do. Lol, there’s just 2 of us. Man, woman. We are each others natural partners. No other way around it. I wonder if in nature, darkness is trying to get over light, or if hot is ever contemplating its existence without cold? Lol.

Yup. That’s the summary of SA public space debate discourse. Go on sites. Tell me if you find anything different.

Sad state of affairs.

Our country is fast asleep.

What do I say?

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